Hive Wallet Recovery

Recover Bitcoin & Litecoin From Hive


The Hive wallet is gone but don't panic. It is still possible to recover the Bitcoin and Litecoin you had stored in your Hive online wallet.

Many people had valuable Bitcoin and Litecoin stored in the Hive wallet when it went offline. It's easy to assume that cryptocurrency is lost forever but, with advanced techniques, it may be possible to recover it.


Bitcoin (BTC) Recovery From Hive Wallets


Are you one of the many people that had some bitcoin stored in the Hive online wallet?

One of the people that watched bitcoin rise (and rise, and rise...) in value, considered cashing out, only to learn that you could no longer access your Hive wallet?

You are not alone. When Hive shutdown a great many users were left with no easy way to access their bitcoin. And many of them assumed that it was gone forever.

But don't panic! It may still be possible to recover your Bitcoin.


Litecoin (LTC) Recovery From Hive Wallets

Bitcoin gets all the attention but Litecoin has been increasing value even faster, going from $4 to over $300 in the last nine months.

Like Bitcoin many people were left with their Litecoin stranded in a Hive wallet.

But don't panic! It may still be possible to recover your Litecoin.


We Can Help!

The Hive wallet you trusted with your Bitcoin or Litecoin is gone, you can't get in, and it's easy to panic.

And as they continue to hit new highs – far beyond what you could have imagined when you put them into Hive and more or less forgot about them... it's easy to despair.

But don't! We may be able to recover your Bitcoin (or Litecoin) for you, often in as little as 48 hours. Please complete this form and we'll get right back to you.


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